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Eldon Square Bowling

While most 26-year-olds might be planning their route around the bars of Newcastle of a Friday evening, there are few things I like more than a wholesome round of bowling. Having been raised in Scarborough, I think it reminds me of the arcade atmosphere of the seaside and takes me back to my youth. There is something joyous in the repeated sounds of the ball gliding down the lane, the cartoons on the screen and the rattle of the pins falling.

So it was that on Friday, after many weeks of persuasion, I managed to get some friends to agree to bowling. We decided on the Eldon Square Leisure Centre bowling alley, as somewhere central and modern, with the intention of then heading to Stack, the city's shipping container village of bars and street food. On arrival, we were pleasantly surprised by the modern feel of the place and the cheap bar; I bought two beers for £7.50. We were able to book the lane for an hour and a half for £37.50, which actually allowed us three games between four …

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