Tennis in Gosforth

With the good weather this week, I've been making a concerted effort to get outside as much as possible. After all, you never know when it's going to change in the North East; I've known snow and sunshine on the same day. With that in mind, I've been trying to make use of the amenities nearby, and found myself at Gosforth Park tennis courts no less than three times. I haven't played tennis since school, but with some gentle guidance from boyfriend and a little practice with friends, I'm starting to get into the (literal) swing of things and, more importantly, really enjoying it.

The courts offer free tennis to all and, though one net certainly looked a little saggy, the facilities are generally good and even on the sunniest of evenings we only had to wait around twenty minutes for our turn. The best part for me was soaking in the atmosphere of those first warm days of the year, where the park was alive with families playing, students relaxing on the grass and professionals in suits, stopping for a quiet moment on their way home. Every time we've been so far, we've been accompanied on the court next door by a granddad and granddaughter duo, who had a gentle but gleeful volley of shots, complete with shrieks of glee whenever the ball went sailing over the small girl's head. It brings me so much joy to think of their bonding routine of early evening tennis.

I can never resist a beer garden in the sunshine, and so my tennis adventure so far has involved multiple follow up trips to the Brandling Arms on Gosforth high street, which has the best outdoor seating area around. I'm fairly certain that any calories burnt through chasing the wayward ball have been exceeded by the house red at the Brandling, but it seems worth it to me. By the end of the summer, I plan to be both a tennis expert and a pub regular; life is all about balance, after all.


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